Hey there! I’m Gabe. I’m a Software Engineer based in São Carlos, SP, Brazil.

When I was in high school I had a lot of trouble deciding what I wanted to do for a living, and that’s mostly because I’m a very aggressive person when it comes to working: if I’m into something, I want to give my heart and soul to that. And that’s how I was with most my classes all my life, I loved learning from art history all the way through philosophy to math and physics. My biggest fear was losing contact with most of those areas when I finally had to choose one to keep studying in college. So the question remained: how to choose?

After some research I ended up going with Computer Science. It was fairly good, I thought at the time, it allowed me to keep challenging myself with new interesting and realistic problems, just as it allowed me to keep working closely with numbers – and far from people, or so I thought. What I was to figure out is that CS is much more than just writing code and designing algorithms. It also involves dealing with people, writing tutorials and documentation, and even interpreting different points of views. Instead of driving me away from all that work I had done so far in other areas, being a computer scientist actually pushes me to use and improve them even more.

When I code, I don’t simply think about the best algorithm possible. I think about the people who will be reading that code in the future, will they find it easy to read and understand? I think about how my work impacts them, will this code really help them? When I’m giving feedback, I go through my personal emotional experience and think about how I’d feel receiving that feedback and how to say it in the best way possible. I hope you are able to see that through my work.

Feel free to contact me if you happen to need someone on your CTF team :)